Should We Take the Bible Literally?

It is always interesting to hear someone say that they usually try to take the Bible literally. Most people generally mean that they try to live by Biblical principles and regard the Bible as God’s Word. However, I have stumbled upon someone who has taken the concept of literal interpretation quite literally. I am reading a book about an agnostic who tried to do live by the Bible as literally as possible for a year.

The book is titled The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs. I got it as a Christmas gift and absolutely love it. Thanks mom and dad.

Jacobs does a good job of identifying the quirky aspects of the Bible as well as the profound insights it offers. I particularly enjoyed his comments about coveting.

Jacobs wrote, “Since I break the commandment every day, I decide ‘You shall not covet” is most in need of attention. This commandment is the final of the ten, and the only one to regulate a state of mind, not behavior. It’s also arguably the hardest, especially in modern-day New York. This is a city that runs on coveting.”

Jacobs’ book is a good read for anyone who enjoys the unusual side of God’s Holy Word.

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  1. Friend,

    So should we?


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