Thoughts from Watching the News

A number of things occurred to me while watching NBC news tonight. First, we are a nation of druggies. It seemed like every single advertisement was about some drug that would help with everything from getting a good night’s sleep to high cholesterol to weight control. There are some conditions that require medicines to fix. But I believe that many Americans have turned to the pill just because it is easier than personal discipline and making tough choices on a daily basis. The ads we seen on TV is a good indicator of what people are buying and what companies are trying to sell.

Second, TV newscasts are a horrible medium for covering complex issues. NBC reported on the social unrest and political corruption issues in Kenya. While the reporter did an okay job, there wasn’t enough time to really get into all the nuances that Americans just don’t understand. As someone who has been to Kenya and knows active missionaries in the country, I am somewhat familiar with the tribal factions and internal division. I felt the like the news told us that there was a problem without really explaining much about it. The report showed some pictures of bodies and rioters in the street. That was about it.

Third, NBC talked about why it didn’t cover secondary candidates instead of really tell us much about them. If I want to know NBC’s editorial criteria, I will check its Web site not tune into the nightly newscast.

Kudos to NBC in how its election coverage explained the caucus system in Iowa. I found that interesting.

On a completely unrelated topic, I want to give my horrible coaching job in a major bowl game award to the VA Tech staff. The Hokies did fairly well when the team ran the ball. I think that Beamer and Co took the Jayhawks too lightly. Instead of run the ball, which is Tech’s specialty, Beamer tried lots of passes in situations that ended up leading to turnovers and eventually Kansas points. When the TV announcers criticize your coaching throughout the second half and make sense, maybe you should try a different strategy. Now, I will have to hear story after story about how Kansas belonged in a BCS bowl game. Missouri wasn’t good enough…. blah, blah, blah.

Kansas had a good team this season. But I still don’t know if it belonged in the game regardless of the outcome.

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