Built on Sinking Sand

The next several posts are based on experiences from my trip to Morocco last summer. I went on a humanitarian aid trip to work at an orphanage. While in Morocco, I also did a lot of prayer and intercession for the country.

One of the first places I had a chance to pray was at the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. Built on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the mosque is one of the largest in the world. It is certainly the largest mosque that is open to non-Muslims. The structure was very impressive although it felt empty to me.

While praying outside of the mosque near the ocean, I noticed all the fallen stones and construction equipment near the base of the structure. It looked like there was a massive project underway to reinforce the base of the mosque. I wondered if this was a prophetic picture of Islam in Morocco.

Later that day, I met up with a friend who is doing humanitarian work in the country. He said that the mosque is literally falling into the ocean. This comment came completely unprompted by me. Then, my friend said that he believes this is a prophetic picture of Islam compared to the might waves of the Christian message about Jesus Christ. 

In His most famous sermon, Jesus warned about building on the sand and not the firm bedrock of His words. Islam is built on the sand because it denies Christ’s work on the cross. It encourages human efforts to appease a very demanding sense of god.

Islam is very strong in the Middle East. But there are cracks in the foundation that are starting to give way under pressure of a world that doesn’t make sense apart from Jesus Christ. My hope is that many come to know that we all can be guaranteed of salvation through Jesus.

I agree with Islam that God is great, mighty and beyond anything we can imagine. I disagree with Islam that we can do anything to bridge the gap between us and God except believe on His Son. The five pillars of Islam are nothing more than human striving in religious language.

Grace is the thing that makes Christianity different.

 What is the foundation of your life? Is it secure?

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