A Walk with God

If you are like me, you can remember going for walks with loved ones. Sometimes these moments seem ordinary. Other times they become something extra special – a moment in time that you go back to when life starts to unravel.

The other day I went for a walk with God. It was just me and the creator of everything. I had not gone for a walk with God in a long time. I had spent lots of time with Him in other ways. But this was something special. It was dusk, and the wind howled around me. The force of the breeze bent the tree tops and caused me to think about going back home. But I pressed on.

I walked for quite a while. I spoke to God and listened a lot too. It was one of those moments that I felt very alive.

Probably the most significant discovery from my walk is that I need to do more simple things like take walks with God. I need to create more space to just “be.” I used to spend lots of time alone hiking and have gotten away from that in recent years.

So when was the last time you went on a walk alone with God?

The good news is that He is always ready. You just have to believe and go.

One response to “A Walk with God

  1. good post chaille. walks with God are some of the most refreshing times of our lives. We will definitely go hiking when I get back from greece!

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