Is More Ever Enough?

“It all goes back into the box. So what are you living for?…Every road apart from God leads to the box.”– John Ortberg, teaching pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California

Using the analogy of life compared to a Monopolygame, Ortberg made the point that we play a game and in the end we may be playing to lose when we think we are playing to win. What is the real objective if we can’t take our stuff with us? Is it how we play the game and our attitude toward the game? Is it the relationships that we make or destroy while playing the game that are most important?

I believe that Ortberg hit on a key theme when he compared the modern American dream to playing a board game. Even for well-intentioned Christians, we can easily lose sight of what is lasting and most important. Just like in a board game, when the competition is over, we put all the pieces back in the box. We don’t take the pieces home with us or bronze the board to memorialize our victory. And even if we did, so what?

Why do some people (including myself) take board games so seriously? Why do we feel like failures in life if we lose a game of Risk, Monopoly or Chess? And why don’t we take eternity more seriously?

The thing we should want more of is God. The thing we should strive for as Christians is to battle against Satan, spiritual darkness and sin. It almost seems like too many of us are playing the wrong game because we have not read the instructions.

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One response to “Is More Ever Enough?

  1. nadia myburgh

    i enjoy your ministry and i have learned alot. i have done the 21 day fast with you guys and spiritually i have grown. i do not have TBN anymore (moved house) but when i get the time i want to see more of what you have to offer.
    God Bless and thankyou

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