Hulk 2 – Are you really serious?

I recently saw Iron Man on the big screen and was surprised by the previews. It looks like Hollywood is ready to take the super hero bandwagon to new heights of shame. As if the first Hulk movie wasn’t bad enough, they are coming out with a second one. And they recruited Edward Norton, one of my favorite actors, to actually star in the film.

Then, I came across this news parody written “by the Hulk” for the Onion. I laughed so hard that I almost dropped my laptop. Check it out.

One response to “Hulk 2 – Are you really serious?

  1. Actually the new movie coming out is NOT Hulk 2, it is a reboot of the franchise. If its successful, Ed Norton will probably star as the Hulk in the Avengers movie alongside Robert Downey Jr.

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