Daily Archives: May 8, 2008

In God’s Hands

“Knowing the cross is knowing the hands that made me.”– Hillsong DVD

Wow, just think about that for a moment. The same God that took such great care in making you paid such a great price to reclaim you.

The Language of Worship

Music is the language of worship. God gave humanity the capacity and passion for songs as a way to express and encounter the divine in our world. Sometimes it can be easy to lose God in the midst of the music. But the real reason to sing is to encounter God. When we sing songs as a way to praise God, it does something in us that is powerful, tangible and live changing. Our faith is built up. We feel the solidarity of singing along in a massive choir that includes and people from all over the world.

Think about this fact – God’s throne room is a place of worship where angels and people continually sing praises to God. When we sing worship songs, we are joining a refrain that has been going on before the creation of the world. What makes these songs special is the revelation of God it brings and the freedom we experience as we live according to God’s design. The Lord created us to worship Him and to live for His glory. That is the most natural thing we can do, and we experience this in a deep way in singing songs to God.

I used to wonder if God was an egomanic because Christians are always singing songs to Him. But I have discovered that God is not like us. He has no ego to bruise nor need of anything from us. God is complete in Himself.  God gives us worship as a gift that we would taste of His presence, His goodness, His life.  While true worship focuses on God, it also changes us and benefits those who do it.

The really incredible thing is that God sings back to us with words of love. Do you ever hear God sing? Do you hear Him singing songs of deliverance over you? Maybe you don’t hear it because you have filled your ears with too many other things. Have you grieved the Holy Spirit by what you listen to or see? God is calling to you now to respond to Him and to let go of anything that has become noise – the sounds of life that obstruct true worship.