The Mountain

There once was a mountain that played among the clouds. Its majesty seemed too great to comprehend or climb. Around the base was a crowd of young people who desired to ascend the heights. But they saw only a small part of the mountain because it was covered with a thick fog. What was visible looked treacherous and impossible to climb. Storms raged around the middle of the mountain. The weather and structure itself seemed very unpredictable.

A bright light covered the summit. This light was inviting although reaching it seemed beyond comprehension for those looking up from the base of the giant peak. Small villages dotted the base. These villages were fairly dark with a somewhat bland existence. Yet people there had enough light to see. They were content to stay put although they frequently wondered what it would be like to be on top of the bottom. What made the peak so bright? Was this a place of great vision, joy and happiness? It seemed as if the summit called to those below even though few actually dared to navigate the treacherous terrain to the top.  

The thought of reaching the summit was something that seemed beyond what was possible. People around the base discussed horror stories of climbers falling to their death or being killed by dangerous storms. Most people who tried to climb the mountain turned back quickly or were never heard from again. It was assumed that they got lost and succumb to the elements or they fell to a gruesome death. Base campers did not know of any well established paths or maps that could direct adventurers to the top. There were only a few testimonies of people reaching the top, but it was easy to dismiss these as frauds or phonies. 

The young people who could have zealously dared to do the impossible were frozen by fear. They did not want to fail. And they certainly didn’t want to lose their lives psyseniclen the process. Although things were far from ideal at the bottom, most people were content enough never to try to reach the top. Their pain was not great enough to force them to take a chance. The known and predictable at the base was much easier to deal with than a climb that took faith to undertake.

As each generation passed away, the next one got more cynical  and disillusioned about making it to the top. Hopelessness grew as each new generation became more fearful and set in the ways of their ancestors. The base camp became the only reality that most people ever knew. 

What do you believe the mountain represents in your life?

I will share more later about what it means to me and the vision that God gave me concerning the mountain.

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