Holy Underwear Batman!

Every once in a while, I get a  desire to Google something unusual just to see what comes up. I recently did this after having a conversation with a friend about some of the quirks of Mormonism. We discussed their sacred undergarments, which I find to be one of the most unusual aspects of their religion. You gotta love any religion that gives away free underwear 🙂 

Here is what I found when I did my Google search…                                        

Hilarious video on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsXzHLiHTOU

Decent position paper on topic from LDS site – http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/mormon/underwear/

Official LDS Position on “Temple Garments” is the following:

“Like members of many religious faiths, Latter-day Saints wear religious clothing. But members of other faiths — typically those involved in permanent pastoral ministries or religious services — usually wear religious garments as outer ceremonial vestments or symbols of recognition. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, garments are worn beneath street clothing as a personal and private reminder of commitments to God.Garments are considered sacred by Church members and are not regarded as a topic for casual conversation.”


Okay, I understand that many religions have sacred garments. We even see this in the Bible. I just find that all the Mormon secret rituals seem like a creative blend of Masonic rites, pagan practices and pseudo-Christian terminology. I kind of like that everyone can wear the garments not just the priests or religious leaders. This reflects a tradition that understands the importance of the priesthood of the ordinary person. But I do believe that the sacred garments also highlight what is wrong with the Mormon religion. LDS teaching misappropriate Biblical truths. Mormons shroud their lies in mystery, symbols and secret ceremonies.

What some think of as weird or comical; others take very seriously. Christians should work to understand the real implications of LDS teaching and be prepared to uncover the lies that they spread door-to-door across the country. When you understand the real implications of people trusting in holy underwear and works for salvation instead of the blood of Jesus, you see that sacred britches are no laughing matter.

7 responses to “Holy Underwear Batman!

  1. As an outsider to the religion I do not expect you to know but the Garments are not free.

    Also, is it weird for a Catholic priest to ware a Collar? Is it weird for Jewish people to strap scriptures to their arms and forehead?

    The guy in that video shows himself as prejudgist and intolerant by taking such crude measures to spread his bias of a religious people.

    It is for this reason, people don’t understand these sacred things, that LDS people are closed mouthed about their garments.

    Thank you anyway for having an intrest in things “Mormon,” but I think if you want to real scoop on Mormonism/ the LDS church you should seek out the Official Church website. You can start at http://mormon.org


  2. Hmm.. maybe you should do a bit more research about sacred vestments in general:

    The Tallit Katan Undergarment of Judaism

    Would you mock the Jews about their religious beliefs on this matter also?

  3. Thanks Ditchu & Bryce for your comments. My post was a quick reflection of what I found on a a basic Google search. I included two Mormon references and one that pokes fun at the topic.

    As far as the free thing, I kind of thought the LDS chuch would at least give away the first set of underbritches as a gift to the faithful. I was not implying that Mormons got free undergarments for life.

    Ditchu, I mentioned your first point by talking about other religions having sacred garments. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with that although honestly I find it kind of weird… just as I find weird some of the things that Christians do in the name of religion.

    Ditchu, you suggested that I check out the official LDS church position. I thought that I did that by quoting it on my blog. Did I go to the wrong site?

    Bryce, as far as Jewish garments, I have a Jewish prayer shawl. I was not aware of the Tallit Katan Undergarment. Are those the same thing? I’ll have to do some more research on that.

    While I think that all religions do some things that even the Apostles would find funny (including Christians), I guess my bigger point is that Mormons cloke errant theology in Christian terms, yet most Christians tend to focus on the unusual things like sacred underwear and secret rituals. My post was meant to be kind of tongue-in-cheek to illustrate the point that Christians should be somewhat converscent on other religions, such as Mormonism.

    Maybe I failed in that regard. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. – Chaille M. Brindley

  4. Are you subtly adding insult to injury with the suggested attitude that Christian and “Mormon” are of seperate Faith? If not I’d like to inform you that the official “Mormon” Church is Christian and it goes to the point of naming the Church as Christ’s. It is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
    I’ve been rounds with someone else who thinks it is not a Christian Faith and so far his strongest argument is that his pastor says it aint.

    I guess it’s ok to have a little fun, but did you need to point out the things of other people that you do not understand to have your laugh? This humor is not only bias and intollarent, it is base and crude. I’d hate to see what you think of “weird” cultural differences.

    Another thing about the Free comment. We buy our first and every set of Garments, but even if it was given to us without charge, it is far from free. There is much in the pilgrams travel to get to a Tempel and in this quick and easy paced life that work translated to orginizing one’s life to be in accordance with righteousness.

    Good day,

  5. Funny part about religious tolerance is that you have to be tolerant to the fact that I think your wrong…

  6. I am tolerant to the fact that you think I am wrong. However, I do not accept your animosity without sharing my displeasure in your disrespect.

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