A Trip to the HOF

I always find it hard to believe that some athletes have incredible talent and they waste it by doings things that sabotage their careers. From drugs to gambling to jail to bad attitudes, there are a number of that rookies can get in trouble. Many times they get new friends that come with lots of temptations. They don’t stop to realize that one day they will look back on their career and could be either viewed by fans as a loser, a waste of talent or a legend.

The people who achieve incredible records start by setting goals and focusing on them. They strive for excellence on and off the field. Many sports stars today are so focused on themselves that they don’t learn the history of their sport.  

Michael Irvin can relate with all of this. He was an incredible talent and an impulsive star who made his share of mistakes. He rebounded to finish as a champion and a HOFer. Irvin recently admitted that he did not realize the history of the sport when he entered the league and could have avoided some of his problems if he had understood what it took to become an NFL legend.

Like any good leader, Irvin is taking his message to others. He has worked with the NFL to develop a program to help indoctrinate rookies by taking them to the HOF. The aim of this program is to encourage rookies to do the right thing by being inspired by the sport’s greatest athletes.

I am reminded of Irvin’s incredibly candid speech last year at his induction ceremony. He spoke about his past sins and attempt at redemption. He challenged others to do it better than he did it. He seems to be backing up his words with actions by encouraging this new rookie initiative. Way to go Michael.

I thought this was a positive story from the world of sports. Read more…



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