It Is Finished

Oswald Chambers wrote in My Utmost for His Highest, ” A pitiful, sickly, and self-centered kind of prayer and a determined effort and selfish desire to be right with God are never found in the New Testament. The fact that I am trying to be right with God is actually a sign that I am rebelling against the atonement by the Cross of Christ…  I cannot make myself right with God; I cannot make my life perfect. I can only be right with God if I accept the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ as an absolute gift. Am I humble enough to accept it?”

“There is a great deal of prayer that comes from actual disbelief in the atonement. Jesus is not just beginning to save us— He has already saved us completely. It is an accomplished fact, and it is an insult to Him for us to ask Him to do what He has already done.”


I find Chambers’ words an indictment to many of the prayers that I have prayed in my life. Why do I pray for things that God has already done? Why don’t I take hold of these spiritual realities by faith? It can be real easy to thing we are being very spiritual when our petitions before God ring of faithlessness and a lack of godly understanding.

When Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished,” He meant it. These are some of the most profound words ever uttered. The implications change human history. Jesus has already obtained our salvation, freedom and future.

The only barrier we find to these greatest gifts is not God’s willingness to provide them because the real work is already done. The difficult part is accepting the full implications of the cross by faith.

We have to come to the end of ourselves and realize the futility of our works. We have to understand the amazing quality of God’s grace and the fullness of its power to impart reconciliation and transformation. When I come to the reality of what I can’t do on my own, I start to realize the power in what Christ has already done for me.

3 responses to “It Is Finished

  1. It would seem our efforts to truly enjoy a clear honest and real spiritual intimacy with God is stuck in the past when we look back and see “what Jesus has already done.” In order for us to understand, appreciate, and ultimately love what we have before us and ready to claim as our own we must understand God’s love is right here, right now, ready for our use. Any harkening to what we may have done in the past is a retreat into a pathetic and depressing set of behaviors that end with our continued insistence we are sinners, infidels, idots and fools. As you know, God loves us regardless of what we might THINK our Self to be. The secret to a true, honest and real relationship with God is to admit we are lovable and capable of loving well.

    Author of IM with God

  2. Hi Michael. My comments were not encouraging people to live in the past and never focus on the future or the present. I believe that God looks at time very differently than man does because He stands outside of time. My aim instead is to focus life on Jesus. His work in the past is what allows me to have a glorious future.

    I agree that God’s love is “right here, right now, ready for our use.” I was not focusing on what we have done in the past. My point is that Jesus’ sacrifice changes everything for human history. It is what He alone has done in the past that has provided us eternal life.

    I also agree that “God loves us regardless of what we might THINK our Self to be.” But I disagree with what you stated are the secrets to real relationship with God. I believe the secret is God and His life changing us not anything intrinsic in us or anything that we ever do. I don’t believe we are capable of Agape love without His first loving and transforming us. Godspeed!
    -Chaille Brindley

  3. Thanks for another nice post. Wisdom is rare these days and thanks for sharing some of yours and Oswalds’s 🙂 It is much appreciated.

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