Public Weighs In on God

A recent Pew survey survey on religion in America discovered that nearly three-quarters of respondents believe that faiths besides their own can lead to salvation. An overwhelming percentage of Americans (92%) believe in God or universal spirit. This survey shows that America remains a very religious nation even though we are becoming much more accepting of different faiths.

I believe this is the Oprahization of society. I define this as a state where we are hesitant to claim the superiority of any one particular religion or worldview. Some view this as progress. Others believe it undermines the strength that each faith gives to its followers.

What bothers me is that tolerance has been redefined. It has now become the acceptance of all things so that nobody feels slighted or opposed. The only real enemy to this worldview are the fundamentalists  – those who believe their religion has the monopoly on the truth.  That is why in the recent survey so many Americans hold beliefs that might contradict the doctrines of their professed faiths. I believe this either results from ignorance or the peer pressure to be “tolerant.” Do we fear public perception more than God?

According to the survey, 57% of American evangelicals agreed with the statement that many religions can lead to eternal life. These people claim to be devout followers even though they are open to the legitimacy of other faiths.

This make me wonder, “If you claim to accept everything, do you really believe anything?”

Read more about the survey from the following news stories.,0,4300244.story

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