Words That Last

When you are long gone what will remain from your life? I thought about this recently while listening to a song written by my friend Tamice Hasty. The top things that come to mind are stories, descendants, art, buildings, music, genes, inventions, personal legacy. But most of these fade after time unless you are really famous or do something very noteworthy. The family tree for most people only goes back so far until we are merely a name on a chart. But there is one thing that we do in life that lives on because it is always remembered by the only One who exists apart time. And that is prayer.

The prayers of godly saints echo through the ages. Our prayers are like incense that rise up to God. This idea shows how really important our prayers are throughout time. Sometime it can be easy to dismiss prayer as just wishful thinking or ideal chatter when faced with the harsh realities of life. But Scripture is clear that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. Maybe prayer is truly one of the longest lasting things we can do in our lives.

Consider these lyrics from Tamice’s song.

Synergy of the Ages

how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity
it’s like a precious oil streaming down
i wanna take my stand and join the cloud of witnesses
that’s where the Lord commands the blessing

i want to get lost inside your story
and echo the prayers of old
God let my groans be written on the pages
it’s the synergy of all the ages, the synergy of all the ages

all these in faith believed though they never received the promise
that i might join their fight
Lord let the oil that rests on their priestly robes, flow down to me
and I’ll join their ancient cry

you will not be silent and you will not forget
you hear the cry of your people and you will answer them

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