Open Door of Grace & Mercy

One of the greatest gifts that we can give someone in our lives is the opportunity to reconcile or make amends for wrongs they may have done to us. While I don’t believe we ever have to put ourselves in places where we can be physically or emotionally harmed, we should certainly give people the opportunity to seek redemption.

I have thought a lot about this open door policy after listening to a student describe the impossible road he faces in restoring his relationship with his family. Whether or not the situation is as bleak as he believes, his perception of reality is what will impact his actions. This person basically told me that he has said he was sorry too many times in the past and failed to really live up to his promises to change. He doesn’t want to disappoint any of his family or friends any more. I really felt for the young man becauce I believe his desire to change and seek to reconciliation is sincere even though his previous attempts have not been.

The above story illustrates why I believe it is important that people in our lives know that there is always another chance with God. His grace and mercy is what allows us to show out-of-this-world love to others. When we understand how much grace and mercy that God has given us, we can be free to share this same great gift with others.

If you know someone who appears to be a lost cause, I encourage you to speak honest words of encouragement and hope. You don’t need to tell them what they want to hear. This is not about making people feel good. The focus is letting them know that there is always a road back to a godly life and recovery if they choose to take it.

Who do you know that seems like they may never make the right decisions? Who do you know that has deeply hurt you or others that you love? Is this a spouse, child, parent, friend, neighbor, pastor or teacher? I encourage you to let them know that the door is always open even though things may never be quite the same as they were in the past.

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