Living for Something More than Your Appetities

“When you walk with Jesus, life may seem routine. But it never is. When you have a routine that focuses beyond yourself, anything can happen, and everything will happen.” – Dick Foth, minister in the Washington D.C. area


Dr. Dick Foth is a guy I love to hear talk. He has a nice way of telling you what you need to hear but don’t want anyone to tell you.

In a recent sermon at National Community Church in D.C., Dick made the above statement. It really impacted me because the Christian life is not supposed to be ordinary. It is supposed to be full of moments where the divine comes to earth through God’s people.

A Christian should live in such a way that a godly legacy is left in his or her footsteps. In a culture known for its consumerism and decadence, I wonder if we will ever the simplicity of what Foth said. Looking back on the greatest moments of my life, the key theme seems to be how others were impacted and God was glorified. We don’t have time to waste because life is short.

The best life now is a life that is poured out for God in service to His kingdom and other people. I want to live that kind of life. Do you?

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