Is This Election Really About Something Else?

Pastor Carter from MCC briefly spoke about the election this Sunday. He said that this election is really about sin. The congregation started to applaud. But he stopped them. He said that his point was not what many in the congregation were probably thinking. Then, he said that the problems we face in this country result from sin. It has nothing to do with which party is in power. It has to do with the failure of our leaders and our failure as citizens to take responsibility and make decisions that benefit society as a whole. 

Our problems stem from the fact that we are a fallen people who need God to get life right. Pastor Carter said that government will never fix many of our problems. He said that it is Jesus who makes all the difference. And God has chosen to work through His Church to accomplish the restoration of all things. We have a role to play in ushering in God’s Kingdom on earth. This has nothing to do with imperialism or domination. Jesus’ focus was faith, hope and love.

Pastor Carter encouraged us to do more than just vote. He said that we should follow Jesus’ example by making a difference in our communities and taking responsibility for the things we can do to join God’s work. Maybe this election isn’t just about the leaders at the top of the ticket. Maybe it should really be about us. We all have a responsibility to do things that bring about a better tomorrow.

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