Energy Sham

If someone takes a legitimate political position, I can  respect that even if I fervently disagree with them. What I don’t like is for someone to appear to do one thing when secretly they are doing something else. The House of Representatives is doing this by passing an energy bill that will likely produce little in terms of domestic energy production.

H.R. 6899 is the Democratic response to the current energy crisis. While it sounds good in theory, it misses the mark by putting conditions on energy production that are likely to discourage oil companies or states to allow drilling. If you don’t want to allow domestic drilling, that’s fine. Just say so. But don’t act like you are doing something when your bill will actually do the opposite.

Speaker of the House Nancey Pelosi pushed through H.R. 6899 very quickly because she knows the current moratoriums on offshore drilling and domestic shale production ends on Sept 30th. The Democrats want to take the domestic drilling issue off the table. I don’t really care about the election politics. But I don’t want a sham of a bill to stand in the way of real domestic energy production. Politicians in D.C. love to act as if they have brought real reform when all they have really done is create more roadblocks to real solutions.

Citizens need to call their congressional representative and tell them to vote against any energy bill that doesn’t really produce energy.

Here are some links to information about why this bill won’t work for consumers at the pump:

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