Why I Wish I Could Vote for Don Coleman

Don Coleman is a good friend and spiritual mentor who is running for the 7th district seat on the Richmond School Board. I just finished talking with him on his porch, and I believe he is the kind of man that most people want to see run and win public office.

I wish I lived in his district so that I could vote for him. Unfortunately, I don’t live in the city. But on election day, I will be out in his district encouraging voters to vote for him. Beyond just his personal friendship, I cherish Don as a truly unique individual. He knows how to bring people together and inspire them to work for a greater good. His faith guides his actions.

Here’s why I wish I could vote for Don. If you are in his district, consider electing my friend who will work to solve many of the problems in the Richmond Public Schools.

  • Don truly cares about the community and has volunteered for years to encourage people to reach their full potential.
  • Don will work across party lines and seek to reconcile divided factions that have paralyzed the city over the past few years.
  • Don is truly running to bring unity and develop solutions not out of some sense of ego or self fulfillment. He handles authority well and knows how to listen to get to the root of problems.
  • Don has lived a life of struggle and is familiar with the problems facing many kids today.
  • Don brings years of experience working with kids, families and education.
  • Quite simply, Don is one of the best men that I know.

Find out more at http://doncoleman.org

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