Daily Archives: November 5, 2008

It’s The End of the World As We Know It And I Feel Fine

As I watched the election returns, my heart sank because what I had expected for months actually came true. My choice for president has just lost. It looks like the Democrats will pick up huge gains in both the House and Senate. Senator McCain was never my first choice. But he is a decent public servant. His steadfastness shown through as he just delivered a very eloquent and gracious concession speech. It was actually one of the best speeches of the campaign.

While I feel a bit sad, I know that my security rests not in my country, our leaders or even our economy. I trust in God and His sovereign power. Even if our nation crumbles under the weight of its own debt and blunders, Jesus will supply all my need according to His divine power. And whatever I don’t have, the Lord must think I don’t need.

This doesn’t mean that I have high hopes for an Obama presidency or the future of our nation. I believe the American Century has come to an end. I expect greater government control, higher taxes and more stringent requirements will limit individual liberties and lead to further degradation of our economy. The die was cast long before this election. The failure of both major parties has sunk us with debt, wars, failed government programs and a sense of entitlement that has robbed us of hunger to succeed.

America has serious problems facing us. And none of the major party candidates really have the courage to truly solve them. That is why McCain was the better of two inadequate options. I long for the days of great leaders, such as Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. May we see the likes of these great leaders soon. I hope that Obama proves me wrong and rises to the challenge. Obama just said, “America… we as a people will get there.” I hope we do, and I hope that “there” is a place we want to be.

In some ways an Obama presidency, has broken an evil glass ceiling, and it could help heal some racial tensions in this country. It will forever eliminate the thought that race can be an impediment to success. But at the same time, this election was about a lot more than just race. Obama is the first real postmodern candidate, and it will be interesting to see how the world reacts to his leadership style. It will either be a welcome change or an open invitation for aggression. Only time will tell the outcome. 

Despite all my gloomy predictions, I know that my life is securely in the hands of the One who is truly faithful and able to more than I can imagine. And I am not talking about any man. I am talking about Jesus, the incarnate God who holds all things together by His words. All that I am belongs to Him.

The darkest part of the storm is truly before the onset of the dawn. I believe we will one day reclaim a greater country. But we, the Church, must first go through a great trial. And our testing in this country has just begun. As the U.S. economy continues to falter and global problems mount, the USA will be tested. And the American Church must be ready to lead the way.

Well Church… are you ready? I know that I am because my trust is secure in Christ alone.