True Confession – I Love Sarah Palin

I know this means that I will be looked down upon by all the “smart” people who have attended or teach at a major university. I know this means that I will may lose some IQ points or will be labeled as “ignorant.” But I just think Palin seems like a classy lady who knows how to get things done. I like that she never had “handlers” before she ran with McCain. Palin seems to know who she is and doesn’t apologize for it. I like women with some spunk.

For the record, I was never homeschooled. I went to both private and public schools. I am not a member of the NRA although I do own a gun. I drive a Prius. I work with the forest products industry. I once worked for a Democrat in the Missouri legislature, and I can’t stand country music or NASCAR. My record seems like one big contradiction.

I actually like NPR and think Michael Moore seems like a decent guy even though he spins the truth in his “documentaries.” I fully recognize climate change although I am not sure that global warming is the crisis that Al Gore would have you believe.

I agree with Barack Obama that the rich should pay more taxes, and they do. I support comprehensive immigration reform, similar to what President Bush suggested and was roasted by conservatives for supporting.

Palin seems like the real deal to me. I hope that I can vote for her again. Her recent interview with Matt Lauer showed that she could answer tough questions even while cooking. Wow! What a woman. 

I just don’t get why so many people criticize her as stupid or non-qualified for high office. Sure, she doesn’t have the experience to be president. Honestly, I don’t know that anybody does until they have had the job. Former President Clinton said as much in an interview this past summer. See Clinton’s comments.

Kudos to Matt Lauer for showing Palin respect and not acting condescending in his attitude toward her. I’ll watch the second half tomorrow.


3 responses to “True Confession – I Love Sarah Palin

  1. Nice post. I was actually surprised too to see Sarah in the Fox News interview lately, where she talked about whether God would have an “open door” for her in 2012. I saw a wise woman, ready to not only seize an opportunity but to rise up to responsibility. It changed my view of her too… I guess 🙂

  2. Excellent content and style…keep up the good work!

  3. wow couldn’t have said it better!!

    i always had a hesitation about a woman being president…i just thought that biblically it was wrong (don’t know where that came from) but that is how it was…
    when she was running for VP i was thinking “wow i could really vote for her and feel confident that she could lead me and lead a country”.

    I think she is an amazing woman of God and I hope we see her name on a ballot again in 2012!!

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