Daily Archives: December 8, 2008

Why Can’t I Hear God Any More?

The above question seems to plague most grown ups at some time in our lives. I have noticed that it seems easier for children to hear from God because they are more open to trust and have fewer inhibitions.

Mike Yaconelli wrote about this in his fantastic book Dangerous Wonder. Yac wrote, “Sadly by the time we are adults, most of us have lost our God hearing. We have decided that listening to God is less important than knowing about God. By the time we are grown up, we have jobs and children; the noise of our lives has increased to such a level that we couldn’t possibly hear God because God rarely shouts – He whispers.”

Can you hear the thin silence of God whispering to you? Consider stopping, unplugging and listening to rediscover the joy of being God’s kid again during this holiday season.

Grading the New Blackberry Storm

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas so I bought myself a new phone two weeks ago. It arrived in the mail on Friday, and I have had two days to play around with my new Blackberry Storm.

For anyone who has drunk the Apple kool-aide, the Storm device won’t be as cool as the iPhone no matter what I say. Online reviews by technology experts have been especially brutal over the last two weeks. Sure, there have been problems with the device as Research in Motion pushed it out just in time for Christmas. But the latest software updates seem to have fixed some of the major criticisms of the first devices.

Here’s what I like about the Storm. You can edit Word, Powerpoint and Excel files without adding extra software like you have to with the iPhone. You can e-mail pictures and easily integrate with your Flickr account.   The camera takes great pictures  and video with its 3.2 megapixel lens. It has a built in flash too.

As a business device, Blackberry has always been the leader. My Storm seamlessly syncs with my Outlook email, calendar, to-do lists and contact information. I think the Storm has better e-mail capabilities at the moment.

The Storm gives you  all the conveniences of a Blackberry with a pretty nifty touch screen. I like the clickable screen because it gives you the impression of punching real buttons. Some people may not like it. But I find it easier to use than just a touch screen device. The Storm has more data input options including a full landscape keyboard in most functions. The iPhone only offers this for its Web browser. Plus the Storm has Blackberry’s SureType option. As a browser, the iPhone is a bit better in the ability to do pinch gesturing for zooming in to items on a Web page.  

The functionality of the media player is okay although it is not as good as an iPhone in the eye candy department. The Storm has fewer third party applications right now than the iPhone, but this could change in time if it becomes popular enough. The iPhone blows the Storm out of the water when it comes to gaming. No Dave… I can’t do bowling on my new phone.:)

Overall, I am very happy with the device although the initial setup process was about as pleasant as eating jello with chopsticks because the instructions left out critical steps. By the time I figured this out, Verizon’s new device setup department was closed until the next day. Thus, my Storm languished as a paperweight for one night until the tech department opened the next day.

The browser didn’t work right for a few hours on Saturday. But Verizon quickly got that corrected. The best news is that I discovered a great tech rep at Verizon. He was like the phone wizard and will be my go-to-guy for any future phone problems.

Probably the biggest benefit is Verizon’s network. All of my friends are on Verizon. It has the best network. The Storm seems to function well as a phone, which is something that may not be true for the iPhone depending on where you are calling from.  

Another major plus for me is that Verizon is not AT&T. After a major phone battle with AT&T eight years ago, I swore to myself that I would never do business with AT&T ever again. The only other vendor that I dislike more is Pitney Bowes. AT&T  could develop a phone with the ability to read people’s thoughts, time travel and zap bad guys and I still wouldn’t buy it.

Here’s a fairly positive review of Storm by another Website: http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/40305/145/

Any other thoughts from actual Storm users? iPhone apologists please don’t comment. I have a big chip on my shoulders, and his name is Steve Jobs. I am tired of hearing how Stone Age  I am because I have not joined the Apple cult.