2009 Is…

While I generally avoid New Year’s Resolutions, I have decided to make a few  this year. Maybe these aren’t resolutions because that sounds kind of final. Life is too difficult to make such firm commitments. 

People generally make resolutions every January to fix things they don’t like about themselves. I have found that I am not very good at changing myself. I believe that is something that relies mostly on grace and divine intervention. I do have a small role to play. But the real power to change comes from God.

Here are declarations that I want to make for 2009 knowing that the only way I will keep them is with God’s help. If you are a friend, feel free to ask me in a month or so how something on this list is going.

  • 2009 is a year of worship in all things. That means I will try to view all things as an opportunity to glorify God. There are no longer ordinary moments because all things have the potential of being sacred space.
  • 2009 is a year of living, praying, blogging, crying, singing, questioning and journeying through the Psalms. I want to dig into the Psalms to such a degree that I touch the heart of God and unearth deep longings that only Jesus can fill.
  • 2009 is a year of organization. Yes, I am going to get organized and reduce the clutter in my life. Things are starting off better than 2008. But I still have lots of work to do.
  • 2009 is a year of praying first and doing everything else second. I want to start each day with a moment of prayer and have regular times just to listen to what God is saying to me.
  • 2009 is a year of giving to others when they least expect it.
  • 2009 is a year of working on my house.
  • 2009 is a year of making new friends and strengthening existing relationships.
  • 2009 is a year of setting achievable work goals and accomplishing them.
  • 2009 is a year of better health, less fast food, limited soft drinks and more salads.
  • 2009 is a year of at least one spirit quest in the mountains.
  • 2009 is a year of supporting new missionaries.
  • 2009 is a year of obedience to Christ not fear of man. 
  • 2009 is a year of grace where I learn who I am in Christ.
  • 2009 is a year of grace where I walk by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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