Random Thoughts from the Last 48 Hours

Here’s an assortment of ideas that I have pondered over the last two days.

  • Some pundits and Eagles fans are calling for the team to move on from the Donovan McNabb era. While I am no McNabb apologist, who exactly would take his place? A rookie? The free agent talent pool is pretty thin. Choices include Kurt Warner, Matt Cassell, Jeff Garcia, Kyle Orton, Kerry Collins, etc. None of those look like much of an upgrade. Was the recent loss really McNabb’s fault? Was he the one who let Fitzgerald score three touchdowns in yesterday’s game? No, McNabb almost led back the team to victory. The Eagles need to resign McNabb unless he wants outrageous money. Also, they should get him some more offensive help. Desean Jackson is not enough to scare opposing defenses.
  • The Blackberry Storm should have come with Wi-Fi. I see no reason not to include it except of course planned obsolescence.
  • Paying $15 to check a bag on a plane. That is ridiculous. I paid yesterday for the first time in my life to check a bag. And I don’t intend to do it again. Northwest Airlines – you just lost my business. Now, it looks like I will have to fly on AirTran, Jet Blue, and Southwest when possible.
  • The Rockies are absolutely gorgeous. Whenever I see a large mountain range, I am reminded of the Scripture that says the mountains melt like wax before the Lord.
  • Many people in this country are hurting financially, and the federal government is spending more than $100 million on the Obama inauguration. I don’t care how much or how little was spent in the past. My concern has nothing to do with who won or lost the election. In a time when we are all being asked to make some sacrifices, when does the federal government lead by example? I think this was an opportunity for Obama to show that he truly is a different type of leader. It looks like the new president may just be more of the same.
  • On a slightly different note, I am praying for Obama that he will guide with wisdom, fear God and not man, and will work to shore up our struggling economy. I hope that his change is something that I can come to believe in…We’ll just have to see.
  • Skiing is a relaxing activity until you hear the sound of snowboarders closing in from behind.
  • Praise the Lord that hostilities in Gaza have come to an end. I pray that Hamas will truly seek a lasting peace and will refrain from firing rockets into Israel.
  • I’m still looking for a new favorite football team. No real winners yet. Every one of my contenders has let me down to this point. Maybe I’ll have to go back to my first love (the Cowboys). At least, I am not a Lions or Bengals fan.
  • A parent on the plane next to me yesterday mentioned the high cost of a college education today. When are colleges going to get it? $30,00-40,000 per year for a bachelor’s degree is nuts.

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