Good Thinking Questions

Here are some interesting questions that I have thought about over the last few months.

  • Did Jesus ever create a mission statement? If so, what was it? Does creating a mission statement mean that our actions are the most important aspects of our lives? Maybe Jesus didn’t create a mission statement because the most important thing was His identity not what He did.
  • Why do some people work themselves up in pray as if they are in a panic? I have seen prayer rooms where the focus seems more on Satan than Jesus.
  • How would people describe me if they were trying to explain who I am to a stranger?
  • How can you live like Jesus if you don’t know Him?
  • Can you really every please every one?
  • Jesus was never panicked. No matter the situation. Why is it so easy to panic instead of praying?
  • Where would Jesus go if He had time to spend one day in my city?

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