When Did God Create Angels?

One of the reason that God invented teenagers is to keep adults on their toes. The other day I was asked the above question by a teenage boy in my church’s youth group. Caught a bit off guard, I gave my best non-answer answer. The youth looked at me and said, “I just want a straight up answer. I don’t care what scholars say. What do you think?”

I love the lad’s moxie. He made me think about a question that I had wrestled with at one point and glossed over on my jaunt to more “important” theological matters. After thinking about his question for a few days and doing a little  digging into my religious library, I don’t know that I have much more to say than my initial answer.

Initially, I told the guy. “Well, the Bible is not completely clear when God created angels. Scholars have proposed a number of different ideas. Angels were not mentioned in the creation accounts in Genesis chapters 1 &3. Clearly, angels don’t exist outside of time like God does. They had a beginning. I generally believe it was before Day 1 of the creation account in Genesis 1.”

The clearest Scripture dealing with this subject is Job 38:1-7. In this passage, God answers Job and asks hims a series of questions. God asks, “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding.
Who determined its measurements—surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it? On what were its bases sunk,
or who laid its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?”

This passage indicates that angelic spirits (sometimes known in Scripture as sons of God or morning stars) were present when God established the form of the earth and set the boundaries of the waters. These spirits served as a heavenly cheering section, which is one of the main functions of angels in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.

The Hebrew Scriptures start out with the beginning as God created the heavens and the earth in verse 1. Then, God hovers over the surface of the deep. Many scholars believe there is a big divide between the events of Genesis 1-2 and the main Creation account that starts in Genesis 1:3. This would be a logical point for the angels to be made because the heavens exist. Then God went to work on earth on Day 1.

One problem with the account in Genesis 1 is that it is commonly thought to be poetic like a hymn not a historical chronology of events. All the details are not filled in to clear up any confusion. There are just some things that are not clear. For example, was the sun created on day 1 when there was light? Or was the sun actually created on day 4 when God set the lights in the sky.

Psalms 148 praises the God of creation and appears to offer a retelling of the creation of all things. In this passage, the heavens are made first. Then God makes “all his angels.” God then makes the sun,moon and stars. Everything else seems to follow the Genesis 1 order.

Colossians 1:16 is clear that Jesus made the angels. We also know that angels are different from humans (Hebrew 2). Angels have different functions, and there is a hierarchy among angelic beings.

All of this is to say that nobody can give you a firm date that identifies exactly when God created the angels. But we do know that they are part of creation and appear to have been around for the forming of the earth in its present condition as an inhabitable planet for humans.

14 responses to “When Did God Create Angels?

  1. Thank you for your insight and for referencing scripture.

  2. I have a theory about angels that I have not seen repeated anywhere else, but you can make your own call. There are 3 different verses in the Bible that talk about God forming rivers. One says He formed them with His arrows, one says He formed them with His lightning, and the last says He formed them with His words. Translating to math, this tells me that “arrows = lightning = words.”

    So, going with that, how many times did people in the Bible meet angels whose faces or clothes “shown like lightning,” or were “white as lightning?” Even Jesus, in the Transfiguration, was said to have a face showing like lightning, and Jesus is described as the Word made flesh. Scriptures also say that the Word is living and active.

    I submit that the Word IS living and active, because angels are the living and active words of God. Angels don’t just bring messages from God, they ARE messages from God! Should a living lightning bolt come to you and say something, I hazard a guess that you would listen.

    Again, this is all theory, but I have yet to see anything that really disproves it. If the theory is correct though, then I would say that the answer to your moxie filled teen’s question would be, “That depends. When did God first speak?” As non-answers go, that ought to keep his head spinning for awhile.

    • Chris Bishop Is Stupid

      Chris Bishop – are you trying to sound cool? You and your theologies are what’s keeping the rest of us, making simple straight, understandable answers.

      When did God create the angels? Your answer: When did God first speak?

      Can you please read that 100 times. You’re a pure idiot and a moron.

      It’s like saying, What’s your name? Answer: Are you hungry?

      Totally a bummer answer, waste of time, and uncool.

      Please promise to change. Chris Bishop = A Talking Shoe.

      • @ Chris Bishop hater

        Someone obviously doesn’t like to think out of the box. You know, God uses metaphors all the time; learn how to use your brain. You can’t get upset at someone who is only theorizing and not being as straightforward as you selfishly demand. God, himself, isn’t straightforward about how the world works, and even if He was, we still wouldn’t understand.

  3. Dear poster afraid to post their own name,
    I was not, in fact, trying to sound cool in my previous response, but may have been in a bit more flippant mood, by the end of it. If that offended you, I apologize. My point was sort of the same as the author’s: there’s no real “straight up answer” to the question. He gave a “non-answer,” and I offered my theory in response, which could really be called another “non-answer,” because there’s no real proof that I’m wrong OR that I’m right.

    I do, however, think there’s evidence to support my theory as a strong possibility. You have to understand something about the way I think: I often think in pictures – like a comic book or movie stills. When I think about the three verses I mentioned in my original post, I picture a physical, living lightning bolt coming from the mouth of God, when He speaks – a living message from the mouth of God – an angel.

    Possible support for my theory? From the article: “Colossians 1:16 is clear that Jesus made the angels.” One of the books of the New Testament (John, I think) states that Jesus was the Word made flesh. So if Colossians 1:16 says that Jesus made the angels, then what it is in fact saying is that the Word made the angels. Not the Bible, but the living Word of God.

    hey, man, just a theory. If you *have* a “straight up answer” on the question, please set me straight. Otherwise, don’t get angry with me, because I didn’t satisfactorily answer the question for you.

    Thanks for your time,
    Talking Shoe 😉

  4. The only things on this page that I actually read, were the last two comments. The one call Chris Bishop a “Talking Shoe,” and Chris’ reply. I am guessing that the theroy is that Jesus created the angels, and I agree, because he is the Word of God. In being the Word of God it was God’s Word that created the angels, so it was not in fact Jesus the person that created the angels, it wass God’s Word. And that whole thing makes sense to me.

    Chris I have to say I like your response to his, and your “signature.”

    In the end nobody knows and nobody will be able to tell us when they find out.

  5. Gregory,
    Thanks for the support – much appreciated. I *don’t* know if I’m right, but it made sense to me… it could be that I just have a word-picture that helps me grasp the concept. Whatever the case, there *is* Sombeody Who knows, and He’ll tell us in a way we understand, if we ask and really listen for the answer. 🙂

    I once overheard four guys debating the existence of the Holy Spirit. One of them declared that he didn’t really take the time to listen for the Holy Spirit’s answer in prayer, because he didn’t think He existed. I butted into the coversation, and said, “Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhear. If you *don’t* take the time to listen for His answer, how can you be *sure* that He doesn’t exist?” The four looked at each other kind of shocked, got up and left. lol

    Point: if you want an answer, you have to take the time to hear it. -CB

  6. Dear Chris Bishop, so there, that’s my name.

    Forgive my post, the devil entered unto me, but your response softened my heard and forgiving, like Christ like.

    Dear organicfaith.wordpress.com, I apologize to Chris Bishop because I’m a mere amateur of the Christian Faith.

    I admire the way you answered me, because it’s NOT like the Internet people I’m so used to.

    Please forgive me. Your brother in Christ, I feel so ashamed, now looking back. Thank you for your answer, this changed the way I think about the world.

    Seriously, God bless you sir.

    PS You’re not a talking shoe. 🙂 I am.

  7. Hey… “Live,” is it? Apology accepted and no sweat – you’re forgiven. You’re not a talking shoe either. 😉

    I wasn’t expecting to change anyone’s world view, but um, glad I could help… such as it was. It doesn’t matter how long we believe – we’re all still learning about our faith. We just have to give ourselves room to learn from each other as well – “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” – that’s a Proverb, but I don’t know the exact chapter and verse. 😉

    Take care, and God bless you too,
    Chris B.

  8. hi too all my brothers and sisters in christ..i love what u said chris about the angels.. the whole reason i got on today is because i was seeking to find some comments on the angel lucifer.. y was he created.. i believe the word still learn lik every1. but GOD IS PERFECT..HE DIDNT MAKE A MISTAKE.. TO ME HE KNEW SANTAN WOULD BE HERE.. RIGHT.WHAT DO U THINK

  9. Hi, Jesus Freaks,
    I absolutely *do not* have a satisfactory answer for that. Satan is a fallen angel – that we know for certain. But going by my theory on angels, that means he was once a living message from God, so that opens up a can of worms: *what* was that message? If God’s word doesn’t change, then what was He saying when Lucifer came about? Does this mean that God cursed, or what?… ugh, it boggles the mind.

    Seriously, I don’t know it all – I don’t even know most of it – the answer to this one eludes me. Sorry.

  10. God created the system of action and reaction change of state of matter. The final count is the time or day the change ends. God created and we the
    the humans keep it up to find the best solution for the end of time.Up to date he the Lord keep us going .For what he said is in our DNA.

  11. While I can’t say how angels were created, or what is required to make an angel, I can say this… We are taught that God has no limits to His abilities and so we can’t truly say what was required to create the angels apart from God Himself. Chris Bishop does have a point that God’s Word may possibly be able to take shape and form. In the book of Jude, the archangel Michael fought with Satan in order to keep him from recovering the body of Moses. While it was a grueling battle, Michael finally was able to overcome Satan, who was much more powerful than he, by uttering God’s name. So we are given the idea that words have power, such to the point that God’s name is able to defeat the devil. If it has that power, why can’t words have the ability to create? We’re also told that God said, “Let there be light”, and there was light. And all through the creation story, seemingly all God needed to do was speak, and things came into being.

    While, certainly, there is no true way for any of our theories to be proven. In fact, if we’re being honest, there’s currently no true way for us to even prove that God exists. But then, that’s the whole point of faith. After all, “Blessed is he who has not seen, and yet believes.” So long as we believe and are willing to maintain the faith while at the same time being willing to face the possibility that it will be tested, we are certain to be shown the way. Granted, not one of us knows the entire truth and even much of what we have been taught may indeed be false… after all, we’re going off a collection of accounts that date back all the way to the beginning of civilization. Men are fallible and tales can be altered or forgotten depending on who’s in charge of keeping the accounts. In fact, there are many religious texts that weren’t included in the Bible simply because the church deemed them not to be acceptable. Should we automatically think that the books that were included are the only true source of God’s word? That limits us to a great extent because history has shown us that there have been many popes, cardinals, and religious figures who were corrupted with power and some that performed unspeakable deeds, and yet these same people decided what we should and shouldn’t be told. there are some that say the Bible is God’s Word and yet we’re taught that Jesus is the Word made flesh. God did not write the Bible, He inspired it. He should also inspire us to be more than we are and to look beyond what we currently see.

    That being said, until we learn more about the makeup and laws of the universe and all creation, we can’t say what angels are for certain, but we believe they exist. At least for now, that should suffice until we are ready to find the truth out for ourselves using the abilities God gave us.

  12. I love that this thread continues to get hits (and glad I signed up to get email notices of them). There have been some interesting responses. Nice read, Erod.

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