There’s A Revolution Brewing

Today’s Tea Party Rally was a good time. But it was a little sad that rallies needed to be held at all. Thousands gathered in Richmond to protest massive deficits and government spending. 

The federal government is simply out of control. This is not a new phenomenon. But the problem has mushroomed under President Obama and a more liberal Congress.

Both major political parties have failed the American people. The U.S. national debt has swelled to                                  $11, 177,148,418,577.99 according to the National Debt Clock at

That number is unbelievable. President Obama has doubled the national debt according to the Heritage Foundation. You can read more at

This chart tells it all.


All Americans should be concerned about the size of the debt and what it means for future generations. While I am all for good government, I am not for excessive government.

I want to encourage all my friends and anyone who reads this blog to contact your representatives in Congress and urge them to curb excessive spending. Second, you should strive to elect or re-elect people who do more than just talk about reducing debt and taxes. We need to elect real patriots who do the right thing no matter the political cost.

You can find out more about government spending from these Web sites:

3 responses to “There’s A Revolution Brewing

  1. I need to start a blog with the same format that you have here. I mean, it’s easily the best-looking and yet simplistic format I’ve seen. How can I get my hands on the program you used to create this?

    I have a wife and two daughters. We’re spirit-filled believers who are fed up with “church,” and we’re starting a Barna/Viola type of organic fellowship with couples who feel the same way–Tired of jumping through hoops, worn down by doing all the work while the other 80% of the church does nothing, and just generally feeling that Americanized church is woefully sick and not producing the vibrant life it had promised or had at least “marketed” itself as possessing.

    So…I want to jump on board with Organic Christianity. I have no way of sharing this movement with those in our hometown who ask us “So, where do you go to church at?” But having a blog would help me point people toward understanding what me and my family are experiencing right now.

    Can you help? Would you help?

    I have bookmarked your site, and will definitely be a regular visitor here.

  2. I just need to clarify what I mean, and what I intend with my passion of developing an organic faith.

    I do not, in any shape or manner, desire to grow this group into a small church where we then start renting out a small space and become a “church.”

    The institutionalization of the gathering of believers is not the goal. In fact, it’s the enemy.

    I want a “church of Acts,” where believers are not in a hierarchy. No titles. No positions. Just a group of believers who want to fellowship, pray, eat, commune with God, and activate our faith in our community.

    We are so lonely right now because I live in a town where this sort of deal is frowned upon. You either are a member of a church, or you’re going to hell if you aren’t. You should see the expressions on people’s faces when my wife and I tell them that we’re into Organic Christianity. It’s like we’re a foreigner. An alien.

    If I could start an online community, it would help encourage us to dig deeper. I’m sort of thrashing around in the deep water, and I need a kind soul to throw me a life preserver here.

  3. Dear Guy,

    I hear ya bro. For starters, you can use the same style blog that I have by setting up a account. I am currently using the “Cutline” theme by Chris Pearson. This theme allows you to easily make changes using widgets.

    As far as guidance on developing a community of like-minded thinkers, that takes time and a bit of divine intervention. I would be more than happy to talk over my experience. Feel free to email me at chailleb@


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