Bragging Rights

Is is okay for a Christian to brag or boast about God? Does that seem like bad form? Would Jesus or Paul makes strong claims about the superiority of the Gospel? Does this approach turn off non-believers? Does that matter? Can a Christian trash talk when it comes to the debate about my God being better than your “fake” god?

It is kind of interesting that Genesis does not start out arguing for the supremacy of God (elohim). There is no defense of the God of the Bible against other supposed gods in the creation account. Genesis merely starts out with the assumption of God’s existence and supreme authority.

There are a number of times were leaders in Scripture make some bold claims. Elijah, the prophet, even does some serious trash talking when challenging the prophets of Baal to a duel in 1 Kings 18.

Jesus made some bold claims about his relationship with God, the Father. He told one disciple that if you had seen Him, you had seen the Father. Those are pretty strong words. The apostle Paul wrote about Jesus as having supreme authority as the creator and sustainer of the entire world. So it seems that Christ had/has some serious bragging rights.

I started thinking about this after Pastor Tim Matthews challenged students in the Mix (the youth group where I volunteer) about being bold in declaring the glory of God. Tim essentially asked, “Why or why not do you brag on Jesus to others?”

Our answer shows what we really think about Jesus. This is especially true for a supposed Christian. If we brag about our girlfriend, our car, our new job, our basketball skills, or our credentials, why can’t we give God the appropriate props?

Many of the students didn’t like the world “brag.” I kind of agreed. But Tim explained that he chose the world on purpose. We should realize that God is so great that there is no way our petty explanations can suffice. Our bragging barely touches the surface of God’s majesty and glory. Tim challenged the group that the world gets all worked up about nothing. But for some reason Christians are supposed to be silent about Jesus – the best single reality to ever impact our world.

Bragging implies that we go overboard on talking up something. But can we ever really do this if Scripture is true about what it has to say about Jesus? I believe that our words will always fall short. But Christians should still try to proclaims God’s glory by our words, actions and very lives.

Calling all God braggers we should shout it from the rooftops. Jesus is….
Eternal Hope
The Only Way
Savior and Redeemer
Radiant Light
Prince of Peace
Conquering King
…And Victor over Death, Hell and the Grave!

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