Organic Faith is a book and blog by Chaille Brindley. That’s me. israel profile pic

Jesus is my sensei, and I am on a journey to discover what it means to live like Him. Raised in the Church, I have traveled a path of doubt and questions familiar to many young believers.

Today, I work as a journalist in Richmond, Virginia. I spend most of my free time seeking God’s face, mentoring others, writing, and interceding for whatever God lays on my heart.

Organic Faith is my first book. The Holy Spirit inspired me to write Organic Faith as a way to make it through my personal identity crisis as a young Christian man. Having been raised in the modern Church, I felt surrounded by a sea of contradictions and questions. The more I examined myself and modern Christianity, the more disgusted I became.

Organic Faith shows my progression from a disillusioned Christian to a more mature believer walking in faith and focusing on a deeper walk with Christ.

Have you ever looked around on Sundays and felt that something is amiss? You long for something more yet can’t seem to grasp it. Organic Faith identifies the matrix holding many believers captive to dead religion. The candid chronicles of my personal journey may help you transition from disillusionment to enlightenment.

You can download chapters or request a free copy at www.organicfaith.com.

My second book, titled Starving for Hunger will be made available soon online and via CD. It explores why many people have so much unfulfilled desire in their lives and how God can take us from discontentment to full joy.


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  1. hey! i’m zach, just a highschool freshmen from florida. but i found your site and was influenced by it. thanks for what you’ve done, this is awesome. I wanted to ask, for reasons that don’t need to be shared, if you would email me on some more things you know about Jesus, like his origins and modern wisdom. my sensei is Jesus too, and i want to be with Him always above everything else. And i want to help others who can’t get to know Jesus by their beliefs, backgrounds, ethnicity, and biased ideals. and one otheer thing, do you know corey widmer? he’s a prebyterian preacher i think in richmond too. maybe you heard of spiritual shots, he talks about Christianity outside church. it’s actually at a bar. people who go there once a month can talk about Christianity in a relaxed environment. I listen to the audio recordings online. pretty cool. thanks again to your own website because i enjoy it’s contents

  2. Love your blog! Found it by accident because you named a friend of mine in one of your blogs – Chip Grinnell. Keep up the good work, brother! I’m putting a link to you from my blog.

  3. RSS which you mentioned and no rhyme or reason to the layout. ,

  4. dontpretendthatyouknowme

    What can save a man from PTSD? What if you live in a very aggressive country, unstable? What if the teachings of Buddhism cannot make a difference either? and one is considered crazy.

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