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True Confessions from Atlanta – Returning

Never underestimate the power of the insights that God can show you just by going to some place different than your hometown.

I just returned from a business/personal trip to Atlanta. God showmed me a lot about society, Himself and me while on the trip. There’s a lot to write about. It includes conversations with a friend who has recently moved to Atlanta, a co-worker, a panhandler, and a wide variety of people, places and situations where God “spoke” to me. This thread may go on a while because I can’t seem to remember the last time when so much came to me in just a few days.

My first insights came while waiting for my ride at the Atlanta airport. I sat for a while and watched as the military personnel came home from being deployed. It was interesting to see how the soldiers reacted as they got off the plane. Some of the soldiers were greeted by people they knew. Others were cheered by strangers.

A few seemed to have arrived and went unnoticed. Thinking back on the situation, I should have gone over and said something to the few who seemed to slip by the crowd.

Nobody wants to stand around and wait to be noticed. That is uncomfortable. It is much easier to quickly mingle into the crowd and go about your business. This action basically acts as if the homecoming is no big deal. But I know that can’t be true. I certainly wouldn’t have felt that way if I had just returned home after a prolonged absense.  

It is a powerful thing to return home to find someone waiting for you. This simple fact may give you the will to fight or help you get through whatever hardship you had to endure to get back home. A friendly face can steady a wounded heart and help you feel secure again.

I started to think about how this reality connects with God’s heart for His children. Jesus told a parable about a father who watched and waited for his prodigal son to return. God is just like that father when it comes to us. Sometimes we can feel that we have gone on a journey and are far from God.

No matter what we have done, God is there waiting to welcome us back. He never misses one person. There are no unnoticed people when it comes to God. He rejoices at all of our homecomings. And that gives me peace of mind as I hit the road.