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Spending $1,000 Dollars to Watch Internet TV for Free on My TV

Yesterday, I drank the koolaide and finally gave in and bought a Mac. Actually, I bought a Mac Mini. The device was easy to setup. The interface seems more intuitive than I thought it would be.

I discovered that what I hated about Macs whenever I tried one in the past was the keyboard and mouse. I don’t like the new Mac laptop mouse controls. My friend has one, and I always end up doing things that I didn’t intend on doing. Mac accessories have always seemed overpriced to me. And I don’t like how Apple keyboards feel.

The nice thing about a Mac Mini is that it can work with virtually any keyboard and mouse. It is small and packs a lot of power for the size. A Mac Mini can be easily transported or integrated into many different configurations. Specifically, I have wired my new Mac Mini into my TV. This allows me to watch online videos and TV shows streaming off the Internet. It is a much better experience than watching Hulu, TV.com or Netflix on my laptop. I am using a wireless mouse and keyboard to make my TV a true message/computer/entertainment application.

I thought about buying an Apple TV and using  a bootloader to allow me to get beyond Apple’s proprietary iTunes controls. But this would still give me less options and functionality than buying a Mac Mini. Plus, I have always wanted to try a Mac, and the Mac Mini is the cheapest way to do that with the most multi-application possiblities.

So far, so good. By the time I got everything for the Mac Mini, I paid about $1,000. I plan on using this setup for quite a while. As I play with it more, I will let everyone know what I think.

The koolaide seems pretty good right now. But you never know if it will leave a bad after taste in my mouth.