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Richly Blessed

A conversation with a dear old friend tonight reminded me of the greatest treasure of all – relationship with God and other people. It is memories that I find are my most important treasure. These relationships have shaped and inspired me.

God has richly blessed me to have had so many friends and engaging conversations in my life. Even at the age of 32, I would die a happy man tonight thanks in part to all the people that I have known and the glimpses of God they have shown me. Our conversations reverberate across time as if many of them took place only yesterday.

Writing a list of these people would not do them justice nor would any other activity other than just remembering them in my mind. I cherish these thoughts and am thankful for all the people that God has placed in my life. I am fortunate that many of these people have been willing to discuss deep issues and go beyond simply talking about sports or the weather.

I feel richly blessed because I have richly shared life with so many wonderful and fascinating people. This is just a thank you note to everyone who has joined in my journey so far. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being open while being there. Thanks for the memories.