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Driving Tips in Israel

Okay, I am writing this just in case I ever drive in the Holy Land again. It may be somewhat humorous to others.

  • The police tend to drive with their lights on in Israel. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been pulled over for a traffic violation.
  • There are some roads in big cities that are restricted to buses and taxi cabs only. All others cars may be fined $500 NIS for being on those roads. Especially watch for this in Jerusalem.
  • They don’t call it the Old City for nothing. Jerusalem is not the best place to start your experience driving in Israel. Old City = Small streets, lots of traffic + angry taxi cab drivers.
  • Highway 6 is a toll road. You won’t know it until after the fact because there is no toll booth.
  • Lots of people hitchhike in Israel. But that doesn’t mean an American should do it.
  • Get a GPS device. It is worth the money. Don’t rent a car without getting a GPS device.
  • Israelis love to give directions based on either the route  name or proximity to their favorite falafel stand. Get detailed directions based on route numbers. That is much easier than trying to read Hebrew.
  • Israelis don’t like for you to stop at a caution sign. Caution means Go!
  • You have to enter a national ID number or passport ID number to pump gas in Israel. The gas station attendant hit so many buttons that I thought he was ordering lunch for everyone in line to get gas.
  • Israeli radio sounds like American radio. The only difference is Hebrew.
  • The Israelis are great folks. And it wasn’t really that bad driving in the land if you have a sense of humor.