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What Kind of Christian Are U?

One of the things that I am most concerned about is how my words and actions reflect on the Christian faith. I am far from perfect. And I know my passion can sometime boil over into something that doesn’t look much like Jesus.

There have been a long line of people that have come before me who have contributed to society’s concept of what it means to be a Christian. Some of these contributions leave a positive impression. Others not so much.

While in DC last week, I read the print version of The Onion, the nation’s national lampoon newspaper. It featured a parody column that made fun of God and the typical Christian caricature that we see in the popular press. Although the depiction of God was a bit unfair and lacked proper exegesis, the column did raise some key concerns that non-Christians mention when they talk about their attitudes toward Christianity.

If you have thick skin, I suggest you read the column to see how Christian statements, actions and teachings can appear to others. Remember that the Onion is not meant to be taken seriously. The real problem is that some people think the “opinions” shared by this phantom author are an accurate depiction of God and most Christians.