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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Is Looking in the Mirror a Bad Thing?

You might respond that depends on what you look like on the outside. But I am talking more about our character, out sense of self worth, even our standing before God. Sometimes it can be real hard to feel like much of a Christian. We know ourselves – the good and the bad. It can be easy to think, “How in the world could God really save a screw up like me?”

The truth is that God specializes in saving screw ups. We need to be careful looking at others and wondering if we measure up to their spiritual status. Our only real measuring stick is Jesus. And we will never measure up to Him on our own merits.

While we should be aware of our shortcomings, we shouldn’t spend all of our time focusing on them. And we should never think that our reflection is what God sees when He look at us. For all of those who belong to Jesus, God looks down and sees Christ’s perfection. Our identity is truly in Jesus.

It seems like a bit of a balancing act. We should strive to grow in grace in the areas of weakness. But we should never think that our performance determines our salvation. That is why we have to be careful spending too much time looking in the mirror. If you look long enough, you will always find something that you don’t like. And the whole idea of being a Christian is to set our eyes on Jesus not ourselves.