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I recently saw the movie Rendition and was moved by some of its messages. While I am far from an expert on international law, terrorism, appropriate interrogation techniques, etc. I do believe that we need to be careful as a society in what we do and what we allow other countries to do in our name.

I believe America is the land of freedom and opportunity. At the same time, we can’t do things in the name of protecting America that violate basic moral decency or our Constitution. If we sacrifice our soul for safety, we will have lost what we are really trying to protect.

Governments need to take aggressive action to identify and stop terrorists. And I know this is a hard line to walk. Governments will make mistakes, but that is no excuse for policies or actions that produce more enemies than solid intelligence. National security is not an excess for torture or lack of due process for American citizens. If someone is suspected as a terrorist from another country, the local authorities there should follow their laws.

What do you think of the following movie clip?